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Providing exceptional support to all job seekers and professionals […]. I recommend everybody to check The website has amazing information to learn and develop in career. Resume services at an excellent pricing.
Sohaib Hasan
Job Seekers Personal Branding And Networking Professional
United Arab Emirates
The ExcellenceResumes team does an incredible job. Efficient, analytical, professional... are adjectives that perfectly describe them. All the doubts I had regarding my resume are now gone - and my LinkedIn profile is simply stunning. Awesome!

Kevin Lernot
Europe - Ethan McGregor
London, UK.
True is no name. I was taken by Fabien's confidence and conviction in his work and team. I really appreciate the commitment with which my resume and LinkedIn profile have been crafted. The first draft came within the stipulated time and was near perfect! The communication throughout was two ways and with effective turnaround. Thank you Fabien and team for your excellent service!

Vandana Agarwal
I did find a job in 2 weeks thanks to their excellent service! The goal was quite ambitious with my resume and my LinkedIn profile as I have more than 15 years experience and a senior level experience. They did an excellent job! I was impressed by the results.
The team is very professional, you can trust them and if you are really looking for a job, just go for it, it really helps!
Thanks a lot.

Jeanne Achkar
Once-In-A-Lifetime experience! As a business owner, I wasn't paying much attention to my LinkedIn but after ExcellenceResumes revamped it, results were INSTANTANEOUS! Without even doing all the recommended changes, I received 2 meeting requests simply answering emails that were literally rolling into my LinkedIn mailbox - and all those requests from big companies! I cannot thank ExcellenceResumes enough, I already signed an 80k deal after 2 weeks! That's the best investment I did for my business!

Ozan Turay
Asia & Middle East
Very impressive experience! I was so amazed by their constructive advice that I decided to engage their service and went ahead with the purchase of a Triple Package. The order was written within a day by Cris with minimal amendments. I got a call for interview from a company I've sent numerous applications over the last 3 years (without any reply) less than 12 hours after my new resume was sent!!! AMAZING! I sincerely thank the team for their 5-star service! They go the extra mile to ensure you make it in getting your dream job!

Felice Koay
I was simply amazed by how fast and analytical you guys are… 20 years' experience in Finance. A complicated profile and you took the time to get to know me. I felt like you were really going into a lot of detail about my expectations and goals and understanding them. It is obvious that you focus on providing a personalized approach and on getting results for your clients and it works. I got contacted on LinkedIn in less than 24 hours. Only two words to describe how I feel: "Blown Away".

Adrian L.
I happened to meet with Fabien Ghys during an event and instantly found him to be highly energetic and passionate individual. He and I happened to hit off very well and his organization truly inspires corporate executives and helps draw people out of their comfort zone. The team does a tremendous job in crafting resumes and helps people get to their next level. I highly recommend you all to get in touch with ExcellenceResumes.

KM Suresh
The team did a fantastic job revamping my resume and my LinkedIn profile! They managed to cut down my (very long) resume from six pages to three without losing any content. Awesome job, superb service and very efficient.
Well done guys!!

Christian Hatlapa
I had no idea of how to brand myself properly through my resume and my LinkedIn profile. The team at ExcellenceResumes was fantastic, bringing my whole profile to a level that I couldn't imagine. Smooth process, friendly and fast delivery. As a result, I landed a significant number of job opportunities even if the economical context in Singapore wasn't positive at all. 100% satisfied, merci beaucoup!

Jeremy Guioth
Singapore & Indo
The team was patient in answering my questions and helped me craft out a CV that exceeded my expectations. They even stayed in touch and tailor my profile until I was offered a job: 2 weeks later! Overall: excellent and recommended!

Anusha Rai
ExcellenceResumes provided me with the best service I could imagine. In only 3 days, I received my triple package! A few weeks later I got interviewed by the University I was targeting and signed a job offer. The resumes and LinkedIn profiles they craft are super efficient. I am blown away!

Sara Teo
Can highly recommend the Resume services that ExcellenceResumes offers. Very professional to deal with their CVs and Cover letters will ensure you get that interview.

Craig Bond
I found a new job that corresponds to my expectations relatively fast with the help of ER. Their process is very smooth, the quality of the documents and service rendered is simply exceptional. I recommend any job seekers to get in touch with them: they work hard to help people reach their goals. Definitely a safe choice.

Bernard Cruz
I contacted ExcellenceResumes in October 2016 as I wasn't sure about my personal branding. Writing a persuasive resume and an optimized LinkedIn profile is rather complicated, and to be honest: I am too busy for that! I decided to go for their triple package and all I can say is that the end-result is mind blowing! Very smooth process, superb reactivity and amazing service. When seeing my new resume, I felt like hiring myself! If I would have to do it again, I wouldn't hesitate at all. On top of that, the team is super pleasant to deal with. Get in touch with them if you really feel like getting to your next level!

Emilie Tisserand
One of the best decisions made. They were very professional and time-bounded. There will be absolutely no delay in response and they will be open to feedback and improve the work at any number of times you may request. I am still in contact with them and I will ask for their advice every now and then at no cost. This only shows their overwhelming passion to help above business. I landed my job at Facebook with their help. I strongly recommend ER!

Karthik Ramesh
The Professional Service, advice and input received by the team from start to finish of my project was flawless! I required a complete revamp of my Resume and LinkedIn Profile to highlight my years of international business experience in multiple industries. The end result showcased in detail my complex international business journey and career achievements. If you are looking to update your Resume, LinkedIn Profile, or require assistance with any formal documentation, I highly recommend ExcellenceResumes. They go above and beyond to provide you with a 5-Star services.

Grant Aylward
I haven't had a proper resume done before, so I decided to get one done professionally just in case I might need it for future use.
The ER team is excellent to work with. Not only do they respond quickly, the overall communication and customer service were top notch. Same goes for the resume and cover letter that they crafted for me. Couldn't have done it better. Highly recommended if you are looking for a great resume/CV and people to work with!

Carl Chia
The best investment in myself. After leaving a message on the contact number for ExcellenceResumes, I was contacted by them. We discussed my needs, recommending the best solution package. From there I was put into the hands of a senior writer and within 24 hours had the first draft of my resume, cover-letter and linkedIn profile with only minimal changes needed. The final document highlights my career in the best possible way to be noticed and yet still manages to reflect the my personality which was exactly my brief. Great service, professional & awesome to work with.

Marie Helm
You guys did a great job with my resume and LinkedIn profile! I'm already getting nibbles on the jobs I have applied for, which tells me that I'm getting through the computer.
I was overwhelmed at the thought of doing all this and you all made it so easy!
Thank you so much!!

Cindy Benz
I can certainly in full confidence say, these guys are a cut from a different cloth. They are professional, they really do care, and they have people working with you that really do know the "do's" and "don'ts" when it comes to assistance with Resume Writing. I have been in the industry for many years, thinking always my Resume was aligned with the behaviors of HR departments. But, as has been correctly made clear to me by ExccellenceResumes, it was not "ATS Optimized". They have done this for me, and I am happy with the final product for a minimal fee. I know, that if at any time, I need assistance, or advice, it is there from them, and the communication is always open, and readily available.

David Elliott
I was very confident in my skills but never really felt like they were translated to my CV. You took my past experience and paired it with my present objectives to craft an outstanding resume that has quickly generated multiple opportunities in the target industry. Working with ExcellenceResumes is without a doubt a safe choice when looking for the best way to get professional opportunities.


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I must admit that their job went far beyond my expectations! They did a great job on my resume and cover letter. My LinkedIn profile gained a lot of views and from the week before their change to my profile, I was looked at by +240% more. I found a job very rapidly, and I would recommend their services to everyone willing to give a new turn to their career!

Yannick Terras
The ExcellenceResumes team members are one of the most professional people I have worked with. Apart from taking the time to know you, they are excellent at what they do and deserve every bit of credit for all that is claimed. The end result is an excellent resume and a superb LinkedIn profile, coupled with the introduction to a few very powerful plugins that help generate high-quality leads via LinkedIn! It was a pleasure and I appreciate the since support.

Nirav Shah
Only 3 weeks later after using ExcellenceResumes' services, I was signing my new contract with an awesome company. The team did a superb job ! I chose the triple package in order to maximize my chance to get a new job. All I can say is that it was the best choice I've ever made!

Charlie Lambert
Singapore - Indo - Malaysia
The team was quite clear in the approach. It really helped me in identifying my strong and weak points. They were enthusiastic and professional which can be seen in the final outcome. I really appreciate their efforts and wish them success in their future endeavours.

Sandip Ojha
I would like to take the opportunity to recommend ExcellenceResumes to anyone looking for professional, high quality and customer oriented service and support. The team has done a fantastic job helping me build my professional network, increase my personal exposure, and support the growth of my personal brand. I couldn't recommend them highly enough.

Claire Ledder
Recently, I had the chance to utilise the service that ExcellenceResumes offers and I left amazed! The team delivered a standard that was way above expectation, and even after the service was provided, they personally still kept in contact and offered help whenever possible. I highly recommend them to anyone hungry to bring their personal brand and image to the next level!

Joel Leong

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I had the opportunity to work with ExcellenceResumes in 2016. I have been impressed by how helpful, efficient and analytical they are! I would go as far as saying that ExcellenceResumes is a super-professional agency very well run on all aspects: organisation, results, client support. They go the extra mile! I would recommend anyone in search of personal branding experts to get in touch with ExcellenceResumes. You won't regret it!


Borrom Ekavipat
I recently found myself unemployed and realized that I had to adopt a new sales strategy for myself. Challenging times in the oil and gas industry; but with ExcellenceResumes's help and insight, I was able to recognize the value they could bring with their services and expertise. They reworked my CV and customized my Linkedin profile, highlighting my key attributes. If you are serious about your career and profession it's well worth getting in touch with ER to give you the best possible opportunities for success.

Derek Mason
Malaysia & Singapore
Amazing experience with ExcellenceResumes. Very smooth process and outstanding end-result. I even received some freebies without having to ask for it. I am very satisfied and will not hesitate to recommend my contacts to get in touch with the team. Thanks team!


Patrick Alima
I took the decision to trust ExcellenceResumes for the re-vamp of my professional profile as I was unsure of what the best practises were. All I can say is that I am amazed! They took time to understand my expectations and the end document are clearly outstanding. I couldn't expect a better service! They even introduced me to a few plugins that help me generate lots of leads on LinkedIn. If you feel like equipping you with a high-converting resume, talk to Fabien and you'll be impressed!

Vivi Nguyen
I am blown away! I got the job - with a VERY comfortable salary increase! I got in touch with Excellenceresumes as I wasn't sure if my resume was right or wrong. Convinced by their expertise, I signed up for their triple package. It didn't take long until results came: I got approached and interviewed by the leading companies in my industry within a few weeks only. I got shortlisted by recruiters from the leading firms offering me almost double my salary. That's incredible! I landed a new role in a matter of weeks. Honestly, if I had to do it again, I wouldn't hesitate at all. I am already referring all my friends to ExcellenceResumes. They're the best choice!"

Memynkorn Chia
The ExcellenceResumes team totally revamped my resume, my cover letter and my Linkedin profile.
Even if I was in Paris, they were present for me and very reactive. Their attention to my needs and their ability to provide top quality services impressed me, they were very professional.
Thank you.

Laure Vezilier

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